Scanned Map Card Notice

New parcel records being created and new splits will not have a "Scanned Card" available. Applies also to a limited number of records created mid-to-late 1999 and all records created thereafter.

Old paper cards are no longer being made or maintained. Parcels' prior history will be contained in the database. As Parcels are transferred using the database, the last line of the scanned map cards will not match the database owners information. Scanned Map Cards at this point will only provide parcels' prior history. Information that is not contained within the database.

The database will allow you to access each parcels history information for all transfer activity processed by the database. Processing transfers through database began May 19, 2000. Data entry conversion of paper map cards to database began Agust 27, 1999 to December 27, 1999.

Original data entries have not been completely checked for errors. The scanned map card attached to each record can be used to cross check computer data for errors, but only for those parcels that have not been transferred using the database.

If an error is found, please email us the District, Map, Parcel Number and the error.